Around this time of the year, many of my friends will be celebrating their birthdays. In my immediate family, for example, September and October are the busiest birthday months. There are six birthdays within those two months.

I tend to have trouble finding a present to give. I would be visiting many shopping centres and stores just to find that “perfect present”.

There is one particular birthday that I’m focusing on. It is the birthday of someone who I like who I happen to be friends with. I want this present to represent how much this person means to me. I’ve liked this person for a while, but have decided not to act on it. Partially because with the things going on with this person’s life, I didn’t want to give more pressure.

I had a few ideas on what to buy, but sometimes I think that this person might have it already.


Last weekend, I decided to take a trip to Melbourne. I had been meaning to visit this city again since the start of this year, but had been putting it off until now. I’m actually glad that I flew over as I needed that time away.
I arrived Friday afternoon. I decided to go straight to my hotel so I could unpack and freshen up as I was meeting up with a friend for dinner. I took a quick shower and changed my outfit. My friend arrived about an hour later and we decided to have dinner at Heirloom.

This was actually our second choice as the first restaurant we went to was fully booked. They recommended this place, which was fine since my friend and I wanted to have Japanese for dinner. The staff at Heirloom were very friendly. The restaurant had a very nice feel to it. There was a good selection in the menu. My friend and I had a good meal here.
After dinner, we decided to go to Beer DeLuxe. I had been here last November and thought this might be a good place to have some drinks. We were meeting up with another friend of mine here. It was disappointing that the beer that I was after was not on tap that night, but it didn’t stop me from drinking. My other friend arrived soon after and we decided to chill here for a while, since it was cold outside. After a few hours, we all decided to call it a night. I was meant to go to a third place with my friend, but we decided that it might be best to just leave it for now as the cold weather had become unbearable.
Saturday came and I woke up to a gorgeous day!!

After the usual morning routine, I decided to explore the city and ended up visiting many stores before catching up with some more of my friends for lunch. Although lunch ended up being a whole day of just chilling with amazing people!! I have met these friends through YouTube and have been friends with them since.

As the day went on, a few people came. Then a few people left.
At night, a small group of us decided to have dinner. After dinner we went to a karaoke place and sang a lot of songs. It was about 11pm when we all decided to go our separate ways, but that didn’t stop me from continuing the festivities.
I messaged my friend, who I caught up with on Friday to see if he was out in town. He was heading to a club with some friends and said that I was welcome to come along. I went straight back to my hotel and took a quick shower and changed clothes since I had been wearing what I had on all day. I walked to this club, which was somewhat on the other end of town and caught up with my friend.
The people at this particular club were really friendly. It’s not like the one I go to back in Adelaide.. People joke around, people talk to other people. At the dance floor, a couple decided to touch my hair (which made me laugh). Another person commented about my hair. I spoke to people, which is strange in itself because I’m the type of person who does not initiate a conversation. I’m more of a shy person, especially when it’s to strangers. My friend and I had many drinks and many dances on the dance floor. I’m not a dancer.. haha
At one point of the evening, this older gentleman gave my friend and I a drink card. My friend didn’t know who he was and when he texted his friend, he found out that it was the owner of the club.
It was close to 4am when my friend and I decided to head off. I didn’t want my friend to take a taxi all the way home and offered to stay back at my hotel room for the night. It would’ve been a fair distance away and it would save him the money. So he stayed the night.
Didn’t get out of bed until 11am. I said my goodbye to my friend and packed my things. I had brunch down the road and decided to go to a shopping centre (Highpoint) since my flight was at 4 in the afternoon. I recognised someone there from Dailybooth and said hello. We talked for a little bit, then it was off to do some more shopping. After a while I went and caught the taxi to the airport to fly back home.
Overall, I had an amazing time in Melbourne!! I love catching up with my friends and I love the city in general. Perhaps I will end up moving at some point in the future, but for now I’m back in Adelaide to continue the rest of my vacation before going back to work.
Next possible weekend trip: Sydney?