Gym Woes

Throughout my life I have always been a slim person. I remember back in high school and through university, I was really thin. It’s different now though. However, I am still on the slim side.

I’ve tried to go to the gym to bulk up a little. It was fine for the first few times, but after a while I stopped going because I end up self conscious about myself (even though I shouldn’t). I see people who are more fitter than me and I lose confidence in going. I know that it’s silly to think this way because they probably started out like me and worked their butts off to look the way they do now.

I was considering having a gym buddy, but I was told there are advantages and disadvantages with this. It might be nice having someone there to encourage me to do more sets. It would also be nice to go at my own pace..

If I was to go back to the gym, I would have to stick to a routine and make sure I go often. Paying that much money for a membership would not be worth it if I quit after a few visits. I know there is a 24 hour gym nearby. Which might be good for me because I can go and workout when there are not a lot of people around.

I remember watching a commercial back in the past about people with osteoporosis. It has always hit me that I may end up getting it. I do walk a lot as my form of exercise. I don’t want to end up with something like osteoporosis later in life, so maybe I should join the gym..

Not only will I look better, I know I will feel better as well.

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