Over the coming weeks I will be celebrating a few birthdays. Two of them have decided to celebrate it on the same day. Good thing they’re friends too and are doing a joint birthday lunch, otherwise it would be a trek to go from one to the other.

Both of them love Macarons!! I remember whenever we catch up for dinner and karaoke, we made sure that we stopped by a local store that sells Macarons and buy a pack of 6.

What I’ve decided to do for their birthdays was purchase a pyramid of about 60 Macarons!!


That’s a lot of Macarons!! Walking through town while carrying that pyramid was fun. There were a few people who were interested.

If you knew the cost, you’d probably say “Carlo.. That’s a bit much..” But it is the same with my other friend who celebrated her birthday earlier this month. I don’t often give gifts, so when I do I consider what they like and go from there.

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