The True Meaning of Christmas?

This will most likely come across as a rant rather than a blog.

Yes I know that Christmas is a time for giving, to be kind to one another, etc.

But what if the person has been rude to you for the past year and a half?

I actually don’t know why it is the way it is, but my older brother has started acting rude towards myself and my younger brother. Before that he was fine and would joke around. But that stopped for some reason and I don’t know why.

I was never rude to my brothers and sisters. Sure we’d have sibling rivalry from time to time, but the fights never last long and we would end up being friends again. But this was different.. My older brother first started acting rude towards my younger brother. He’d do small things that would agitate my younger brother. Then all of the sudden he was doing it to me. I tried to confront him and ask, but he just ignores me and continues on his business.

So from those little things, it started escalating to the point where he clearly has no respect for me (and my younger brother). I try to “take the high road” and make it look like it doesn’t faze me. Rather than realizing that it doesn’t bother me, he decides to continue doing it.

Which brings us to today: Christmas Day..

He invited his girlfriend to the family dinner. I didn’t want to be in the same room as him. I know for a fact that he’ll put on a show in front of his girlfriend in front of my parents. My parents know what he’s like with me. So they understand why I’m not joining them for Christmas dinner. It’s a shame really because she does seem to be a nice person. But why would I be expected to be nice to someone who has been rude to me for the past year and a half? I don’t see any indication of him changing his ways.

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