Topical Thursday: How Do You Vent Your Anger?

As part of a series of blogs I’ll be working on, Thursdays will be known as “Topical Thursday”. The topics I decide to write about vary, and does not necessarily reflect on how I am feeling when I wrote the blog.

You are welcome to send in a topic that you would like me to write about.

Today’s topic: How Do I Vent My Anger

My family and friends have known me to generally be a positive person. There will be times when something angers or upsets me. I tend not to show this emotion, or if I do I end up just sitting quietly.

If something does start to make me angry the first thing I do is bust out the karaoke machine (or if I’m out, I’d go to a karaoke place) and start singing. If the karaoke part is not available, then I listen to music and sing along. Singing helps me calm myself and not think about whatever was making me angry.

An alternative (yet somewhat expensive) to this is shopping therapy. It’s probably not a good thing since I would buy something on impulse. It does burn a hole in your wallet..

Those are the two main things I do to vent my anger. I know some people either scream out loud or punch something.. I either sing or go out shopping.

What do you do to vent your anger?

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