Topical Thursday: How Do You Vent Your Anger?

As part of a series of blogs I’ll be working on, Thursdays will be known as “Topical Thursday”. The topics I decide to write about vary, and does not necessarily reflect on how I am feeling when I wrote the blog.

You are welcome to send in a topic that you would like me to write about.

Today’s topic: How Do I Vent My Anger

My family and friends have known me to generally be a positive person. There will be times when something angers or upsets me. I tend not to show this emotion, or if I do I end up just sitting quietly.

If something does start to make me angry the first thing I do is bust out the karaoke machine (or if I’m out, I’d go to a karaoke place) and start singing. If the karaoke part is not available, then I listen to music and sing along. Singing helps me calm myself and not think about whatever was making me angry.

An alternative (yet somewhat expensive) to this is shopping therapy. It’s probably not a good thing since I would buy something on impulse. It does burn a hole in your wallet..

Those are the two main things I do to vent my anger. I know some people either scream out loud or punch something.. I either sing or go out shopping.

What do you do to vent your anger?

Tune-In Tuesday (Jan 29 2013)

I’ve decided to do a series of posts dedicated to music. The music I post on Tuesdays are music that I enjoy listening to. Please feel free to check them out as they may be songs you are familiar with or original songs that people I know have posted online.

If you have music that you would like me to listen to, please feel free to post a link in the comment section below and I will listen to it. If I end up liking it, I will post it on here.

This week I am showcasing Chris Nosiara‘s music. I hope you enjoy these videos.

Star-Crossed and Cold (Original Song)

Used Somebody Cover

This Summer (Original Song)


Over the coming weeks I will be celebrating a few birthdays. Two of them have decided to celebrate it on the same day. Good thing they’re friends too and are doing a joint birthday lunch, otherwise it would be a trek to go from one to the other.

Both of them love Macarons!! I remember whenever we catch up for dinner and karaoke, we made sure that we stopped by a local store that sells Macarons and buy a pack of 6.

What I’ve decided to do for their birthdays was purchase a pyramid of about 60 Macarons!!


That’s a lot of Macarons!! Walking through town while carrying that pyramid was fun. There were a few people who were interested.

If you knew the cost, you’d probably say “Carlo.. That’s a bit much..” But it is the same with my other friend who celebrated her birthday earlier this month. I don’t often give gifts, so when I do I consider what they like and go from there.


It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m laying in bed thinking about things. Various things to be exact.

One of these things is about a person. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now. There are things I would like to say, but would probably not have the opportunity to say them. I basically still care about this person, even tough we don’t see each other often. I still think about the time when we went out for dinner and went to see a show. I still have the ticket of the show we went to see.


Call it crazy.. Call it sentimental.. I don’t really care, because to me it was one of the best nights I spent with you. I wish I could have more opportunities like that with you..

Another thing that I seem to think about is work. I don’t know why I’m worried about it. I know that it’ll end up sorting itself out. It always does.

Those are the main things that seem to enter my mind at this time of the morning. Other minor things dwell in my mind as well – like what topic I should talk about in my next YouTube video.. Or things that revolve around life in general.. Or how warm my room seems to be when there’s a nice cool breeze outside.. Strange..

Vimla’s Birthday

Yesterday was my dear friend Vimla’s birthday. She had decided to do a birthday dinner with her friends. She had offered to do the driving. I thought to myself that she shouldn’t be driving people around on her birthday.

I knew that Vimla has never been in a limousine. So what I decided to do was book a limo to pick up all of her friends down south and drop them home.


There was an option of getting a stretch hummer, but I did not see my friend as a hummer type. When Vimla saw the limo parked in front of her house, the surprised look on her face was priceless!!

She definitely enjoyed the present (and as did her friends).


I told Vimla that for her next birthday it will be a private jet.. haha!!


Summer in the City

No, it’s not about a song by The Lovin’ Spoonful. It isn’t about the UK YouTube Gathering either.

The past few days the temperatures here in Adelaide have been in the high 30s and early 40s (Celsius).

Yesterday, my friends and I decided to go to the bay to have dinner and walk along the jetty. We decided to go after 6pm so that it was a little bit cooler.


I would’ve thought that the beach would’ve been packed full of people. There were lots of people there, but it’s not like in Europe where you won’t have much space to stretch out. It was actually pretty chill.


My friends and I spent a few hours just chilling. Went and had iced coffee before making our way home.