Oz Comic Con Adelaide

Last weekend, I went to the Adelaide Showgrounds for Oz Comic Con. My friend Phuong came with me. She brought her nephew Kevin with her on Saturday and added her niece Paris on Sunday.

Oz Comic Con was basically like the Comic Con in the US. I’ve never been to the ones in the US. My first Comic Con-like experience was at Supanova last year. I had a blast at that one which made it easy for me to decide to go to Oz Comic Con.

Like Supanova, I decided to buy a weekend pass. The first day was basically spent queuing up for photo (and/or autograph) tokens of the celebrities who I wanted to have a photo (or autograph) with. This year, I wanted to have a photo with Richard Dean Anderson, William Shatner, Emilie Ullerup and Aaron Ashmore. They were the main four celebrities who I wanted to meet. I managed to get photo tokens for Ullerup, Shatner and Ashmore.

Richard Dean Anderson photo AND autograph tickets ended up being sold out within 45 minutes. I was a little disappointed because it took forever to enter the premises due to a massive line (it didn’t matter if I had pre-bought my ticket). Once I was in, there was another massive for the tokens booth..

It was fine.. I had other celebrities who I wanted to see.

The first celebrity who I had the pleasure of being photographed with was Aaron Ashmore.


People thought that he was the guy from Animorphs and X-Men series. His main acting role was when played Jimmy Olsen in Smallville. Being a Smallville and Ashmore fan, I wanted to meet him. As soon as I was standing next to him, he and I had a brief chat where he complimented me on my hair. He loved the blue fringe!!

The next celebrity was Emilie Ullerup.


WOW!! She is just gorgeous in real life!! Emilie also loved my blue fringe!! It made my day!!

The third and final celebrity who I had a photo with was none other than William Shatner.


The photo line for William Shatner was very long!! It took a long time to get to the front of the time. While waiting in line, I had been chatting to a few people who were also lining up for William Shatner. One of them is a lady who is probably in her late fifties. It didn’t matter though because the topics we talked about made waiting in line enjoyable. I was pleasantly surprised when she said that she was a Joss Whedon fan and knew episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

While waiting in line, Aaron Ashmore had his talk at the same time in another building. My friend Phuong and her Nephew Kevin checked it out. By the time I had my photo with William Shatner, Aaron’s talk had finished and he was at his booth signing some autographs. I decided to purchase an autograph token and had a picture signed by Aaron. We also had another chat, which was really nice.

The second day of Oz Comic Con was more relaxed. We went around and checked out the different stalls. I ended up buying this Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia book.


Look at me being a dork.. Haha!!

We went to check out the cosplay and I went home afterwards because I was feeling a bit sick. Overall it was a great weekend. I was talking to one of my other friends and I may possibly be heading to Melbourne later this year for the Oz Comic Con there. They have a different list of celebrity guests, some of whom I would love to meet!!


It’s 4:30 in the morning and I’m laying in bed thinking about things. Various things to be exact.

One of these things is about a person. I don’t know why I’m thinking about this now. There are things I would like to say, but would probably not have the opportunity to say them. I basically still care about this person, even tough we don’t see each other often. I still think about the time when we went out for dinner and went to see a show. I still have the ticket of the show we went to see.


Call it crazy.. Call it sentimental.. I don’t really care, because to me it was one of the best nights I spent with you. I wish I could have more opportunities like that with you..

Another thing that I seem to think about is work. I don’t know why I’m worried about it. I know that it’ll end up sorting itself out. It always does.

Those are the main things that seem to enter my mind at this time of the morning. Other minor things dwell in my mind as well – like what topic I should talk about in my next YouTube video.. Or things that revolve around life in general.. Or how warm my room seems to be when there’s a nice cool breeze outside.. Strange..

Gym Woes

Throughout my life I have always been a slim person. I remember back in high school and through university, I was really thin. It’s different now though. However, I am still on the slim side.

I’ve tried to go to the gym to bulk up a little. It was fine for the first few times, but after a while I stopped going because I end up self conscious about myself (even though I shouldn’t). I see people who are more fitter than me and I lose confidence in going. I know that it’s silly to think this way because they probably started out like me and worked their butts off to look the way they do now.

I was considering having a gym buddy, but I was told there are advantages and disadvantages with this. It might be nice having someone there to encourage me to do more sets. It would also be nice to go at my own pace..

If I was to go back to the gym, I would have to stick to a routine and make sure I go often. Paying that much money for a membership would not be worth it if I quit after a few visits. I know there is a 24 hour gym nearby. Which might be good for me because I can go and workout when there are not a lot of people around.

I remember watching a commercial back in the past about people with osteoporosis. It has always hit me that I may end up getting it. I do walk a lot as my form of exercise. I don’t want to end up with something like osteoporosis later in life, so maybe I should join the gym..

Not only will I look better, I know I will feel better as well.


Happy New Year!!

I hope 2013 brings good health, happiness and laughter!!

At the start of each year it is a tradition for many people to have a New Years Resolution. I personally try not to have one because they tend to be broken within a month or two…

Maybe it will be different this time. I had been telling my friends that this year, I will make an effort to find love. I figured it’s about time I share my experiences with someone I have feelings for.

Let’s see how I go.. =)

New Year’s Eve Preparation

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for me to think about what to do for New Year’s Eve.

Normally, I’m out of the country for New Years. A few times I was in the US celebrating it with my friends there..

Last year, I was in the Philippines visiting my relatives. I had prepared a meal for them as a way of reconnecting with them. It had been a very long time since I left. I was just a child when my family and I flew to Australia because my dad was transferred here for work.


From left to right (from the top) . Sirloin steak, Pancit lug lug, Shepherd’s Pie, Lamb Kebabs, Rockmelon (cantaloupe) wrapped with prosciutto, Paella, Fruit platter (Pavlova didn’t turn out right), Creme Caramel, Cesar Salad.

Getting the ingredients from supermarkets in the Philippines was a task in itself. I probably went to quite a few specialty stores in order to find a nice sirloin or even prosciutto..

It was fun making this meal for my cousins and from what I remember, they enjoyed loved it.

This year I’ve decided not to fly anywhere and celebrate it with my friends here. All I know at the moment is that my friends and I will be partying in town until midnight. At first I wasn’t keen on going to the city or to Glenelg beach because it would take forever to go home afterwards. I was talking to one of my friends and she was still keen on partying in town. Actually she just wanted to do something for New Years.

After thinking about it, I decided to book an accommodation in town so I didn’t have to worry about getting home. Sorted!!

The next thing to think about was where in the city my friends and I should celebrate. There are a lot of places that will be doing their thing in the city. Just need to sift through and find the one that will be right for everyone.

One other thing that entered my mind was the “countdown kiss”. I never used to do it, though if the moment came up with the person I liked I’d probably do it. To me it would probably mean a lot more if this was the moment where we take our first kiss.

In the past the one I was with was very much not into this so I got used to not expecting it at the stroke of midnight. I’m in a different situation now so anything can happen!! That is assuming I find someone who shares my feelings mutually by then. If it does not happen, then I’m still with my friends partying until the New Year.