New Year’s Eve Preparation

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for me to think about what to do for New Year’s Eve.

Normally, I’m out of the country for New Years. A few times I was in the US celebrating it with my friends there..

Last year, I was in the Philippines visiting my relatives. I had prepared a meal for them as a way of reconnecting with them. It had been a very long time since I left. I was just a child when my family and I flew to Australia because my dad was transferred here for work.


From left to right (from the top) . Sirloin steak, Pancit lug lug, Shepherd’s Pie, Lamb Kebabs, Rockmelon (cantaloupe) wrapped with prosciutto, Paella, Fruit platter (Pavlova didn’t turn out right), Creme Caramel, Cesar Salad.

Getting the ingredients from supermarkets in the Philippines was a task in itself. I probably went to quite a few specialty stores in order to find a nice sirloin or even prosciutto..

It was fun making this meal for my cousins and from what I remember, they enjoyed loved it.

This year I’ve decided not to fly anywhere and celebrate it with my friends here. All I know at the moment is that my friends and I will be partying in town until midnight. At first I wasn’t keen on going to the city or to Glenelg beach because it would take forever to go home afterwards. I was talking to one of my friends and she was still keen on partying in town. Actually she just wanted to do something for New Years.

After thinking about it, I decided to book an accommodation in town so I didn’t have to worry about getting home. Sorted!!

The next thing to think about was where in the city my friends and I should celebrate. There are a lot of places that will be doing their thing in the city. Just need to sift through and find the one that will be right for everyone.

One other thing that entered my mind was the “countdown kiss”. I never used to do it, though if the moment came up with the person I liked I’d probably do it. To me it would probably mean a lot more if this was the moment where we take our first kiss.

In the past the one I was with was very much not into this so I got used to not expecting it at the stroke of midnight. I’m in a different situation now so anything can happen!! That is assuming I find someone who shares my feelings mutually by then. If it does not happen, then I’m still with my friends partying until the New Year.

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